April3,2011 wish

Today I asked

If ever it’s meant for something to happen between us, im more likely sure that I would wish that it’ll really be him already.
If we were meant to be like this now, I wish what’s meant for us in years will be the same, or something more.
If this is what’s meant to be, I wish fate would work as soon as now so we won’t have to hurt from wrong people anymore.
I wish I’m gonna be one of those lucky people who gets to see, know, and be with the one they’re meant to be with at an early age.
If this is how it’s gonna feel everyday, or maybe a little more blissful than this and we’re eventually gonna end up together, then I’m already sure that I’m going to be perfectly contented and happy.
If ever he won’t be the right one.. Please make him the right one?
Please make him my future?
I asked again
You know this has been my wish or prayer everytime someone comes into my life or something..
I just wish that if ever this is real, then let everything that’s meant to happen- happen.
I wish that if he’s for real, then make things real.
I wish that if this is real, then make it stay. Let it stay.
I wish this ones real.

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