life, meaning, aggression

Some people worry about the wrong things, some though, could get too aggressive with some things.

In life, we all have to choose which way to go, what path, and what should be done first. Some may have chosen a good path when they’re still young, some may be a little old already but as far as it’s the right way, i guess it’s never really too late. As we go on in life, there are great moments we get whether be it with a family thing, or an accomplishment or achievement we get, but there’s always gotta be something that can get you a little down, or could sometimes get you to feel like giving up.

Some people think about how far they still have to go for til they get what they want, not thinking of how far they’d already gone through. Some, gets too aggressive about what they are aiming for and would forget about how they can push people around or affect others. Being aggressive with life could be good, as long as you’re still aware of the people around you and that you’re obviously not the only person in this world who also wants what you want. We will definitely meet people who are as aggressive as we are about a thing or another but we don’t have to push them around or do things for the sake of their loss. We just have to do what we should, and if it doesn’t turn out good for us but it does for them, then lets just feel happy for them and just try again until we get what we aim for. There will always be a competition, but we don’t have to do things against them.

Some things lose their meaning because of the reason behind how it was achieved. Some things lose their meaning because of the main reason why people wanted it. Some things lose their meaning when they are all for just oneself’s sake.


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