List of wishes 2011

This is my wishlist for my 19th(I’M OOOLD) birthday this coming May 28, 2011. This will probably be just the material things, but this is not to tell people what I want so they can give it to me, I just thought I haven’t got any wishlist before and since I’m into blogging this time, I might as well blog about it. 😉


* Canon EOS 550D.


  • 18 Megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor
  • DIGIC 4 processor with ISO 100-6400 (Expansion to 12800)
  • Continuous shooting at 3.7fps
  • Full HD movie recording with manual control and selectable frame rates
  • 7.7cm (3.0”) 3:2 Clear View LCD with 1,040k dots
  • iFCL metering System with 63-zone Dual-layer Metering Sensor
  • Quick Control screen to change shooting settings
  • Exposure compensation +/-5 stops (although viewfinder scale is still +/-2 stops)
  • Select maximum value for Auto ISO
  • External Microphone socket
  • Movie crop function
  • Eye-Fi connected functions compatibility
~ Don’t get me wrong, any dslr will do. 500D will still do. 600D is too much, I think.
This is probably my greatest wish ever since. I’ve always wanted a camera of my own which I can use.. whenever I wanted to. I have my camera, but it just doesn’t get to take things I wanted to capture. I’ve always loved seeing pictures of things that’s moving or anything like that. or those that you rarely see. or get to capture good shots of ordinary things. AND I’d also want to do photo shoots (I mean I’ll be the one to take them). If ever I get to have one, this will be my greatest possession ever. 😉
* iPhone 4.
~ I know I already have an iTouch 4th gen which is very similar to this, but it’s better to have an iPod and a cellphone all in one. It gets a little hard sometimes cos I’d have to bring both, my samsung star phone and my itouch that has a similar size. I’m contented with both, but I just wish I’d have this instead. teehee 😉
* macbook pro/air.
~ Since I still don’t have my own laptop, it would be so nice to have one already. 😉 and a macbook would be such a delight! Though acer or vaio will do just fine, I like macbook because of it’s color and own features.
* JVC Gummy earphones.
~ This is so far the cheapest thing I want. I can already buy one and I’ve saved enough money for this, but the world is so cruel cos when I looked around MOA to buy one, the only one left is color orange. 😐 it broke my heart. (hahaha) I wanted yellow so it can go with basically any of my clothes, or red to match with my itouch case. but since I haven’t found one yet, I’d like to have this.

* Braille necklace with my name or my initials.
I’ve always loved seeing brailles even though I couldn’t really understand them, but I already told myself that I’d learn them soon. 🙂 and yes, so far the only pendant I would want to have  and would always wear would be a braille pendant with my name or my initials on, or probably a meaningful word.
* Set of color pencils.
~ Since I already bought a set of stabilo color pens, though I wont mind if I’g get another set or a bigger set, I would also also want a set of color pencils. The first picture will make me happy my whole life, but that’s just so impossible to get, but the 2nd is just perfect. I’ve always loved designing or doodling whatever I have in my mind and this set will make that hobby, a wonder.
* Set of calligraphy pen/ fountain pen.
~ I was still a kid when my attention was caught by a fountain pen when I saw it in a bookstore, cos it was just so different. and when I saw how it looks like when you use it, that’s when I finally fell in love with it. HARR. and yes, a set of calligraphy pen.
* accessorize london bag/ jansport gray.
~ The first one is probably the first and only “girly” bag I’ve ever liked. The one with a long strap cos I don’t like shoulder bags cos it’s just so uncomfortable for me. Saw it in MOA but I think it’s too expensive for me. Then, jansport gray is just so simple but perfect. 🙂
* iTouch 4th gen case.
The 1st and last would be cool since I’m afraid of getting scratches in my ipod and I still haven’t found a case like this, and the 2nd with the blue one is just cute.
* Charles & Keith heels/ set of ribbon clips/ shirts with printed designs of my own.
~ I know this sounds a little weird but yes, I would want to have maybe 2 new heels of my own from Charles & Keith. I just love their heels and they’re so comfy. Then a set of ribbon clips, the ones using real ribbons or cloth. and of course, shirts with prints that I like, or even my own design. It’s pretty expensive to make your own design or anything then make someone print it in a shirt.. still saving money for 2. 🙂
So far, these are the things I can think of now that I would want to have for my birthday, or if not, someday.
That’s about it. x

2 thoughts on “List of wishes 2011

  1. my wish for you itel is for you to find yourself, to accept your self as you are – imperfections and all – and be happy with who you are and with whatever God has given you…happy birthday in advance, girl!!!!

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