summer love :)

Summer vacations are always expected to be spent on far places. Out of towns, or even out of the country.

If only I could, then I would want to go somewhere else even just for a week, then next to another place the following week. But of course, we wont be able to afford that. HAHA

Apparently, I’m stuck inside the house then on our store on Wednesdays and Sundays. The routine I think I’ll be having my whole life. But I don’t complain about it. I only complain about the weather and how dirty and sticky we always get when we’re in our store.

You might think that this is slowly killing me. Or so I think it would kill anyone who would try being in my shoe. but it doesn’t, really. and I’m glad to say that this kind of “routine” is making it worthwhile, life-changing, and it fills my heart. 🙂

Since I’ve started to stay in our store every Wednesdays and Sundays, I was able to meet new people, have new friends, or even just greet random people and make them smile. I guess it’s something that no one would be able to avoid, I mean not that it should be avoided, but it’s one thing that is guaranteed to happen since you always get to see them. I may have met people who takes advantage of my ignorance about how bad people can get, but I don’t hold grudges against them or anything. I would still want to be okay with them, but I just have to keep a little distant from them so to not get hurt, and besides, I have learned from them and I thank them for that. Little by little, I am able to understand how the world is really like and all the people in it. San andres might be just a small place to be able to say that I learn about the world by just staying there 2 times a week, but with all the people in it, I really am able to learn from each one of them.

Most of the time, the main thing that excites me is to be with my Bestfriend/cousin Angelique Olea, and our cousin/lola Aiza Bughao. Well, actually it still is. but now I have a new reason to add up, my new so-called Family: Kyle Miso, Bambi Obispo, Bea Yamzon, Andrea Yamzon, Enriquito Yamzon, Quiolo Yamzon, Migs Walde. (i also would like to add Charles Miso even though I barely did see him this summer)

I couldn’t remember how our “family” started, but I’m guessing it was when we moved to our new place which is nearer to them. They are the kids who would always call my name while they’re riding their bikes, or when they pass by just to wave hi or smile. The kids who always greet me when they buy. The kids who would always text me or PM me in FB just to say hi or ask how I was.

This became, and happened to be something that can automatically make me smile, or better yet, make my day. 🙂

Since it’s summer vacation, they are allowed to stay a little later than 9pm and the best thing they had thought of without us asking, is to stay in front of our store just to talk to us, or play or fool around with us. It was all unexpected, and to think they’re all still young? Well William Chavez, and Chang Raymundo had done that before, but these are kids and they ALWAYS do it. I would never expect them to do that cos I know that the most fun kids can do in their summer vacations is to play, watch TV, and play some more. I never thought that being or staying with us would be in their list. 🙂

My cousin would tell me that they were looking for me whenever I’m not around, and even just that makes me feel so happy. For me, all that they are doing is more than enough of something I can get, and my heart is so filled because of them. 🙂

I cannot express how I feel but I am more than grateful, thankful, and overwhelmed because of them. They are changing my life in so many ways. 🙂

Since I gained my new family, I can already look more deeper into things, and appreciate every bit. I’ve learned to not just focus on myself and how I feel but also consider other people’s reaction about my current mood and that it can affect them. (realized this when I was all serious and I got them worried about me and that didn’t feel right), and that even if you’re not related by blood, you can always treat them or you can always be treated as a family. 🙂

And of course I have my best friend Angelique Olea, and lola Aiza Bughao along who would either step on my foot, or offer me food that I’m allergic to. Kidding. They are always the ones who listens to my stories, and have to force a laugh on my jokes. When I think of it, they are the ones who really have to cope up with my mood or something, and I’m thankful that they are always trying hard. 🙂

Then of course I have this physically absent friend of mine but had never failed in catching up with me, and also in updating me about her. She’s basically the most updated friend I have, even with private things that I am keeping to myself. Mel Juan. 🙂 We have planned to have meet-ups before summer vacation started, but was never able to push through with all of our plans. 😦 it makes me feel upset even more now that we just found out that we wont be classmates anymore : (( but I’ll make it a point to still have a strong friendship with her. ; ) I doubt it would change anyway. ; )

NOT TO FORGET, this summer made me more close to my family and I was able to have a better relationship with them and I am truly grateful about it. ; )


The good guys who are always asking me about myself. Haha the gang who stays up til 3am with me in a conference, Byron Aguirre, Inyong Lee, and the one who always goes off early, Jason Roble. Thank you guys for staying up and wasting time with me. haha Byron, for being a consistent thoughtful guy. Inyong for listening to my advice, and Jason who never forgets 19. Haha *Thanks, Voorhees. ; )

and my little leprechaun friend, Migs Almendral. kidding. The person who always texts me and talk to me about some problems or frustrations I have and always tries to cheer me up. ; )

So, since the summer vacation’s about to end, to think of it, my summer vacation wasn’t about the beaches and sand. It may be one of my simplest vacation, and you might say that it was a boring one, but it didn’t feel like it with the company of all of them. 🙂 My summer vacation was about my real family, and my new family. 🙂 They gave me complete happiness over the simplest things, and that’s all I’ve ever wanted.

I could not stress this enough because I couldn’t find the right words to describe how I feel about having them in my life, all I can say is that I’m thankful and that they’re really more than enough. 🙂

AND I bet this will not go on just until the last of summer vacation. They are the ones who I have a feeling would be forever in my life, and it will be my pleasure to be in theirs. 😉

Here, I just wanted to make a collage of the weirdest faces. kidding. of course, the ones I talked about in this blog. 😉

Hopefully we’ll have a picture all together in one.

*Yes, Mel, I would love to have you meet my new family cos for me you are part of it 😉


6 thoughts on “summer love :)

  1. haha i don’t know how many times i’ve been mentioned in your blogs but this is the first time i’m commenting so yeah, i should be the one thanking you so THANK YOU 🙂

  2. halaaa ang haba nung sinabi ko tas yun lang lumabas 😐 :)) oh well, may isa pa naman na darating :-” 🙂 haha love you too hb! >:D<

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