In my life, I’ve loved them all..

Let it be. Hey Jude. Yesterday. Yellow Submarine. Hard days night. Love me do. Here comes the sun. Michelle. If I fell. In my life. Strawberry fields forever.

Anyone who doesn’t even know at least one of these songs, missed half of their life, or had a very boring, senseless life. (i bluff)

When I was still a kid, I don’t know how and when I started listening to this band, but I know I love them. They say it must be because it was Daddy’s favorite band, and I might have heard the songs when I was still a baby and somehow liked it, cos when I learned how to sing, they, and even I can’t explain how I got to memorize some lines or know the titles. It was a bit weird, but I don’t really mind. Just had to say it.

Before, I always wait for Sunday afternoons with Daddy, just laying in bed, listening to some bands or singer, but my favorite was The Beatles’ songs, until I fall asleep, and it was just the best feeling ever. Yes, even their rock songs can put me to sleep.. Well, of course not unless I feel like singing along with the songs. The songs that can automatically put me to sleep would be my favorites, rock or slow, so if a song makes me fall asleep, then it means I like it. ; )

The Beatles, for me and I bet for a lot also, is the best band ever. They don’t just sing, but they sing very well and their songs are inspiring and really has some sense in them. Their looks is just a plus factor, but really, this band is one awesome band.

I believe that most of the bands nowadays, or some other bands before, had them as their inspiration or idol. Some might have even tried to imitate them, but of course, no other band will ever be like them. I don’t know about you guys, but I just think that they’re the start or like the father of music. (a little exaggeration on that, but you know what I mean)

I don’t know if any other 19 year-old is as “Beatles fanatic” as I am, since I wasn’t even able to catch them still as a band, but I’m very proud of being a big fan of them. ; )

( I only wish I had a poster with their signatures in it, but I guess a picture of it will do.. since you know, 2 of them is no longer alive.. sigh)

I always had some little plans that includes Beatles in it. First, is that when I get to have babies, I will tell them everything about The Beatles, let them listen to their songs, and even sing their songs to them.
Have my son named after one of them, have something named after the band (well I already named my iPod Beatle, but I mean some more other stuff, like a car or something?), have something colored or themed according to their outfits or songs.. That’s just how much I love them. ; )

It always make me feel down and depressed, I know it sound crazy but it really does sometimes, when I think of the fact that I’d never experience being in their concert, or that I’ve never even heard them live or get to see them in the television.. My number one dream concert to see is of course, them. But obviously, I’ll never have that. Call me obsessed or a total weirdo but I don’t mind. I just live this band so much. Like, my childhood band was them and my childhood song was “yesterday”. Haha.
Another thing that upsets me is knowing that they were disbanded.

Anyway, I just wanna let everyone know about my love for this band and I hope there are really a lot of people who feels the same way for them. It always feels nice to know that someone shares the same favorites or likes like you do. Yes, I do hope so too that my future boyfriend or husband loves them too. That way it wouldn’t be so awkward when I get those sudden urge to listen to them all day or drool over their pictures or songs or videos and all that stuff. ; ) hehe.

Beatles forever ♡


4 thoughts on “In my life, I’ve loved them all..

  1. the beatles! ahh i love them! best band ever(and then mcfly next). lol i just can’t not include my mcfly when it comes to bands sarreh hahah. anyw, i don’t even know how it happened but idk i think i know most of their songs too, and the lyrics even. while i was growing up i didn’t even know that the songs i was actually singing were sung by the beatles. yeah, i was a fail ever since lol. anyway, its nice that you blogged about the beatles 🙂

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