Role tape, cue talent.



Concepts. Social relevance. Scripts. Outlines. Rubrics. CD-Rs. Theme musics. OBB’s & CBB’s. Stingers. BED.

To-go. Down. Cross fade. Segue. Mic test. Leveling. Modulate. Music up & under. Ready to hit music. Cue talent.

Production director. Assistant director. Floor director. Technical director. CD. Talent. Recorder. Gopher.

Life in radio productions.

I don’t know how I was able to manage to cope with all these along with the pressure it has, but I am very glad I did and now it’s all done. Well, of course I’m still not sure if I did good, or at least ‘okay’ with my productions since we still don’t have our final grades, but to be able to do all of it is enough for a relief.

I can’t even imagine the pressure, stress, and pain from the failures that we, or I had- all at the same time with every production, and how I survived.

Yes, there were tons of times where I cried and was very depressed, and felt like giving up. I know I might sound over-reacting since this is just the start and we still have TV prod to worry about in the next sem, but for a weak person like me (guilty), I am so proud of myself for having gone through this without even feeling the need to curse the subject or anything. Of course, without having hard feelings with the Prof as well. (not even a bit)

I may not be the best, or even at least one of those who gets the highest grade with every production, but I know I did what I had to, and my heart was in everything I did in our radio production class.

It’s funny how with every pressure and pain, I came to love it and would still want to do more. ; )


In this little blog, I would just like to thank my radio prod family. : )

To my prod mates/ crew/ sisters:

I am so happy that out of all the other production class, I know that ours was the most united one and that we never had any conflicts with each other. Thank you for being so cooperative, and for the inside-jokes, and for the encouragements and for understanding the panic mode moments that I usually have. It was such an honor, working with all of you. You all made every production, a fun and amazing experience. ; )

To our Radio Prod Prof, Ms. Abanto:

Thank you for the continuous reminders even when I always seem to fail on the same mistakes every time. Thank you for not being too loud because maybe you know how shouts affect me. (yes, I kind of have a phobia or something) Thank you for the jokes and for almost always tripping on me. (also, thank you for being there for me in my minor track interview. yes, you added more pressure, but I guess you really were ‘there for me’ just like what you told them. I am touched)

Yes, I wish I’ll be under Ms.A again in TV prod. I wont be with the same group again, since they’re all going to be in broad, print and devcomm, but I am hoping to be in a group that’s as nice as this. ; )

(too bad Alyssa, Gen & Ate Gem wasn’t able to go with us in our lunch date with Ms.A :/ )

Au revoir, radio prod class! Thank you for the lovely experience! : )


; )



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